Reduce operational costs by optimizing cloud compute resources used by SAP systems.

SmartScaler is a SaaS turnkey automation solution that provides horizontal scaling of your SAP application servers based on your needs, whether they are predictable or not.

Deeply integrated

Scaling policies are based on SAP standard KPI from its CCMS infrastructure. Most common monitoring technical KPI can be used as condition to trigger a start or stop of instance. Workload of work processes, usage of heap or extended memory, CPU can be used from the get go in SmartScaler. SmartScaler use SAP native processes to stop/start instances, preventing any data loss and business impact.

A unique and modern UI to manage everything

Including: Scaling enabled SAP systems, Scaling policies and automated actions, Public cloud providers and agents, Customer organization (entities and users). It is accessible from anywhere without the need to install any additional software.

Simplified life cycle

From quick and easy setup to automated updates, SmartScaler Agent is higly autonomous, preventing any additional effort to maintain.

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